Griddle Made in China

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Heavy duty table top gas griddle is made of high quality stainless steel ,with the plate is made of non-stick cast iron .
Over temperature protect device ,accident flameout protect device ,safe and reliable .
High class cooking surface ,heated quickly and evenly.
Two switches ,operators have the discretion to use half of the griddle base on the quantity of the food ,more convenient and energy saving .
A scraps drawer between the two switches,easy to clean the plates quickly after cooking .
The first choice for restaurant ,and all kinds of snack bar .
Full stainless steel body ,durable and long last ,impulse ignition ,with the automatic off protection
installation, high efficiency heater with separate switch and temperature controller.
Suitable for Natural gas, LPG gas. Good quality of the hot plate smooth or grooved for the steak or
other relevant food
Adjustable leg ,main spare parts from international famous supplier
Stainless steel can be 201# or 304# easy operation.
Full width rear flue aids uniform heat distribution across griddle surface
4" tapered stainless steel splash guard
Each burner has an adjustable gas valve
Stainless steel front, ledge and sides
Adjustable legs
Removable grease trap
All stainless steel construction, easy clean surface
High-efficient, energy-saving and useful
Solid 12mm thick steel cooking plate
Removable grease trap
Full sized cooking area
Auto constant temperature control
With safe protect system, flame failure saftery device for each control
Gas Griddle(All Flat)
ModelThickness of the hot plate(mm)Gas(Pa)Dimension(mm)
GT7208LPG 2800pa730x500x450
GT50012LPG 2800pa500x590x450
GT60012LPG 2800pa600x590x450
GT600T12LPG 2800pa600x670x450
GT75012LPG 2800pa750x590x450
GT100012LPG 2800pa1000x590x450
GT120016LPG 2800pa1200x795x520
Gas Griddle(Half Flat & Half Grooved)
ModelThickness of the hot plate(mm)Gas(Pa)Dimension(mm)
GT720-28LPG 2800pa730x500x550
GT500-212LPG 2800pa500x590x450
GT600-212LPG 2800pa600x590x450
GT600T-212LPG 2800pa600x670x450
GT750-212LPG 2800pa750x590x450
GT1000-212LPG 2800pa1000x590x450
GT1200-216LPG 2800pa1200x795x520
Gas Griddle (Chrome Surface)
ModelThickness of the hot plate(mm)Gas(Pa)Dimension(mm)
GT720D8LPG 2800pa730x500x450
GT500D12LPG 2800pa500x590x450
GT600D12LPG 2800pa600x590x450
GT600TD12LPG 2800pa600x670x450
GT750D12LPG 2800pa750x590x450
GT1000D12LPG 2800pa1000x590x450
GT1200D16LPG 2800pa1200x795x520
Gas Griddle With Cabinet
ModelThickness of the hot plate(mm)Gas(Pa)Dimension(mm)
GT750/C12LPG 2800pa750x685x1200
GT750-2/C12LPG 2800pa750x685x1200
GT750D/C12LPG 2800pa750x685x1200
GT950/C12LPG 2800pa950x685x1200
GT950-2/C12LPG 2800pa950x685x1200
GT950D/C12LPG 2800pa950x685x1200
GTI1200/C12LPG 2800pa1200x795x1030
GTI1200-2/C12LPG 2800pa1200x795x1030
GTI1200D/C12LPG 2800pa1200x795x1030Griddle Made in China

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