Door Frame Roll Forming Machine suppliers

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PLC Control Door Frame Roll Forming Machine Introduction
Place of Origin:WUXI CHINA
Brand Name:LONGBO
Certification:CE; ISO9001
Model Number:LB-75
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details:water proof package
Delivery Time:60 days
Payment Terms:L/C, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability:2 per month
Rolling doors machine with perforation system by PLC control
Main component of the line
Main roll former
1Un-coiler (2 tons ) MANUAL1
2roll former1
3Hydraulic cutter1
4PLC control1
5Output table with rollers(6 meters)1
1. Capacity: 2 tons
2. Material: #45 steel quenched
3. Inner diameter: 410~ 580mm
Main roll former
1. Stations: 13
2. Rollers material: CR 15; HRC 60. Chrome coated: 0.03~0.05mm. The Strength in Mpa: 70 TON, 800 MPA
3. Shaft material: Diameter: 50mm, material is #45 steel. Quenched: hot treatment. The strength of the Main Shaft in Mpa:70 tons, 650MPA
4. Bearing brand: FAG Germany
5. Main Motor: 5.5 KW, 380V, 50HZ
Cut knife2.
PLC Control Cabinet:
1. Touch screen brand: DELTA
2. PLC brand: DELTA
3. Inverter brand: DELTA
4. Main components for low pressure electricity: Schneider Germany
5. Encoder: Omron
Output table
1. Length: 6 meters
2. Drive type: Rollers
1. Cutting type: Hydraulic system
2. Motor: 4KW; 380V; 50HZ
3. Material of cut die: CR12MOV; Quenched; the Strength in MPA: 950
Un-coiler --Pneumatic feeder -- Micro perforation -- Re-coiler
1Un-coiler (automatic) 2 tons1
2Mechanical press machine1
3Pneumatic feeder1
4Re-coiler (automatic)1
5Perforated mould1
Why choose us ?
1.We are one of the biggest factory of door and window hardware in jiangsu province ,china .
2.Quality Control through the whole Manufacturing process.
3.General Inspection on fixing before Packing.
4.Our hardware all passed ISO 9001.
5.Service long life of pvc/upvc sliding door hardware adjustable door roller copper brass adjustable door roller.
6.Many other Designs for you to choose and we can Accept minimum order. Your interests can be fully Guaranteed.Door Frame Roll Forming Machine suppliers

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