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Reaction bonded silicon carbide shelves is a combination of high purity silicon carbide and ultrafine powder,through vibration molding,high temperature sintering,with good high temperature thermal conductivity and bearing,applicable for all kinds of architectural ceramics,sanitary ceramics,household ceramics,porcelain refractories,powder metallurgy sintering furnace and fine ceramic kiln furniture.The reaction sintered silicon carbide shelves texture hard and brittle,with small expansion coefficient,high cold-resistance and heat-resistance,not easily deformed,good chemical stability,strong acid resistance,thin products but high bulk density,energy-saving effect is remarkable,to achieve a wear resistance,corrosion resistance,anti-fouling in one of the comprehensive performance,suitable for high wear,high corrosion environment,silicon carbide shelves is a reliable high-tech product.
According to relevant information,many industrial ceramic companies in the United States use silicon carbide as the main pillar and plate of the scaffolding.The thickness of the silicon carbide shelves used in the production is 25-30mm and the baking effect is quite good.Of course the price of silicon carbide is much higher than clay bricks,but the usage count of silicon carbide is much higher than clay bricks and high alumina bricks,from the economic point of view is good.
Although the price of silicon carbide is slightly higher than other high temperature resistance materials in the market,it is understood that SIC materials have very unique properties,high strength under high temperature,high thermal stability,high conductivity etc.Some of the high quality features of silicon carbide have a decisive effect on the life of silicon carbide shelves.Therefore silicon carbide shelves has a long service life.
Main features:
1.High refractoriness.
2.Good thermal conductivity.
3.Small expansion coefficient.
4.High strength.
5.Ultra thin, energy saving.
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