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Beijing OPT Laser was founded by 3 engineers in Beijing a small office ,2007. At first we just supply different beauty machines parts to big companies, in 2012 we start to manufacture the whole machines by our company, after 5 years we already become a  medium-sized company and we have 78 staff until now. These years we insist on the balance between the quality and our scale, to avoid ignore the quality to pursue the speed.
with a mission  to deliver high-quality, competitively priced anesthesia devices to make beauty more accessible and affordable around the world.
Our products include most kinds of aesthetic device :in the field of laser,  IPL, Hifu, Nd yag laser and radio-frequency minimally-invasive clinical solutions for the  aesthetic and surgical markets.
It can use in SPA, hospital, home, clinic and so on.
CE, CNAS, High Technology Innovation Awards
Over the past years, we have become a growing developer, manufacturer and marketer of anesthesia devices in world. We are expanding our distribution network, sales and sales support staff to bring our products closer to end users. The company markets, services and supports its products in 49 countries. It has different distributors in worldwide.
Pre-sale service—Recommend the knowledge about the whole industry and market about the beauty machines in the world, supply more detailed and special instruction about our machines for choice.
Sales service—Assist the customer get the machines, remind what things need to pay attention about the machines and impart clinic knowledge.
After-sale service—Give clinic instruction, more maintenance about machines,  provide reasonable recommendations at the market strategy. Beauty Machine Accessories

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