Marine Fan Coil Unit manufacturers

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Marine 4-way cassette fan coil unit  
Product introduction of marine ceiling conceal fan coil unit.
MECO not only produce the standard fan coil unit but also offer non-standardized fan coil unit such as the marine fan coil unit. Depending on the customer needs we can change the design and develop a good solution to meet the request.

Products Feature and details
1 High quality stainless steel drain pan.
2 very good water proofed electrical parts.
3 Good measures for thermal saving.

Product certification:
Packing and shipping
Normally we use carton packing. The carton box printed with our MECO brand and unique color and pattern. We also have strong packing as optional. Depends on customers needs, we have crates, pallets, or honeycomb box etc. Our FOB port is NINGBO, China port.
Marine Fan Coil Unit manufacturers

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