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This Loop Bands is a perfect tool for lower body training. It intensifies bodyweight movements. The controlled load is great for injury rehab. It is portable and lightweight.
1.Material: Latex;
2.Perimeter: 50cm;
3.Width: 50mm;
4.Thickness: 0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0mm;
5.Logo: screen printed;
6.Color: red, black, purple, blue, green;
7.MOQ: 100sets without logo; 500sets with logo;
8. Sample Lead Time: 2 days for available color without logo; 7 days for samples with logo at available color;
9. Average Production Lead Time: 25 days;
10. Port: Shanghai;  
Product Details

As one of the leading and experienced loop bands manufacturers and suppliers in China, AIFLEX specializes in manufacturing high quality loop bands in accordance to your requirements. Various sizes and colors are also available, welcome to place an order.china Stretch Bands

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