Customized Vinyl Wire Twist Tie

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Twist tie are plastic covered galvanized wire,that is used to seal plastic bags or join cable. As the name suggests the tie is wrapped around the item and then the ends are twisted together to seal item, widly on plastic bags
Advantage :
Vinyl coated twist tie is heavy-duty/weather resistant. mainly used for the package of all kinds of fresh wrap-up bags, freezing bags and garbage bags.The products bring great convenience to the customers when fastening the plastic bags.They are also widly used in electrical or garden ,even in super market.
PRODUCT NAMEVinyl coated twist tie
Main MaterialsPlastic and galvanized wire
Wire diameter0.30-0.55mm
Colorwhite,black,yellow, blue, green, purple, red or Customized
Packaging500 or 1000pcs/bag,100bags/ctn
Delivery date15 days after the deposite
Shipmentby express(DHL,EMS,TNT,FEDEX), by sea,by air
PaymentT/T,L/C,Western Union
CertificationROHS FDA ISO9001
Usagefresh wrap-up bags, freezing bags and garbage bags
FieldFamily, gargen,tools production company or packaging wholesaler
AdvantageEnvironment and safe, good at decoration,,short lead time, reasonable priceCustomized Vinyl Wire Twist Tie

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