30 Stainless Steel Sink

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By using our passion for innovation and technology, Symbolsink has successfully established our reputation as a leading manufacturer of world class high end stainless steel sink. Our commitment to quality, state-of-the-art production technology, and strict management aided us in fulfilling our goal. Symbolsink works with well-renowned brands, those whose high-quality products are recognized worldwide. We understand the services and the strict quality control that prominent brands demand from their suppliers. Our distinguished OEM services are recognized for its unique qualities.
2010 -- Established handmade sink factory in Guangdong
2012 -- Established drawn stainless steel sink factory in Malaysia
2013 -- Passed cUPC and ISO certification for Malaysia factory
2015 -- Passed cUPC certification for Handmade sink factory
2016 -- Established new workshop for drawn stainless steel sink factory in Malaysia
2017 (1st Quarter) -- Building Malaysia Factory Workshop Expansion, Doubling Production Capacity30 Stainless Steel Sink

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