wholesale rubber conveyor belt

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HLSC Shaftless Screw Conveyor consists of rotating shaftless screw inside U-shaped trough having an inlet hopper and outlet spout, being the rest of conveyor completely closed. The feed is pushed into the feed inlet and then moves to the outlet spout under the pushing of the screw.

♦ Ease of installation, stable operation
♦ Automatic controlled, low noise, low leakage
♦ Internal bearings are eliminated, low maintenance
♦ Long service life, low total cost of ownership
♦ Improved conveying efficiency when compared to other types of conveyors
♦ Allows greater flexibility for plant layout due to configurations available
Typical Applications
Shaftless Screw Conveyors are the ideal solution for hard-to-transport materials ranging from irregularly shaped dry solids such as scrap wood and metals, to semi liquid and sticky materials including pulp, compost, food-processing waste, hospital waste, and wastewater products.
Technical parameters
Holly Technology is one of the leading china good price shaftless screw auger conveyor manufacturers and suppliers in China. Used for sewage treatment and aquaculture, this best selling equipment made in China is sold at factory price. Welcome to wholesale quality products for sludge treatment with us.wholesale rubber conveyor belt

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